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Tulips by March 8 – why are they so popular?

The wonderful tulip flowers, brought to Europe in the Middle Ages from the Ottoman Empire by diplomats and travelers, quickly gained immense popularity. The original appearance of the bud, vaguely reminiscent of the Turkish headdress turban (hence the name), beauty, variety of colors – all this contributed to the fact that the flower began to be actively cultivated in many countries. And after some time in the Netherlands, a real “tulip fever” began. Now it is difficult for us even to imagine that for a bulb of a rare tulip variety one could get enough money to buy a good house in the capital! Of course, this did not last long, but the result of the “fever” was sad: many people went bankrupt when the price of tulips fell sharply.

Tulips, relatively inexpensive flowers, although prices are higher in 2021

Therefore, when planning to give flowers to your beloved woman on March 8, do not forget about these wonderful gifts of nature! Especially if the lady herself loves tulips: here, as they say, “and cards in hand.” A bouquet of tulips is charming in any form: both monochrome and mixed, that is, made up of flowers of different colors. For example, a bouquet of red and variegated tulips looks very good. Or red, white and yellow. The main thing is that the flowers are guaranteed to be fresh and not fade soon after delivery, because then the lady will surely be upset.

However, tulips are still very popular in the Netherlands. Whole multi-colored fields of these flowers are a kind of visiting card of the country. And in other countries, including Ukraine, the tulip is a favorite flower of many people. It enjoys well-deserved popularity for a number of reasons:

Tulips are beautiful. The combination of graceful buds with relatively thick stems and large oblong leaves produces a good aesthetic effect.
Tulips are quite persistent, they can retain their beauty for a long time after cutting, especially if you often change the water in the container.
Tulips have a wide variety of bud shapes and colors. In addition, breeders are constantly developing new varieties.
Finally, tulips belong to the category of relatively inexpensive flowers (with the exception, of course, of rare and prestigious varieties). And this is important in the current conditions, when the economic crisis “superimposed” on the coronavirus epidemic.

Where in Kremenchug to buy tulips at a low price?

In our “Vip Rose” store, customers will always buy first-class floral products. We not only receive flowers from trusted suppliers, but also store them in the most optimal conditions, so they will retain their shape and beauty for a long time. The range of our bouquets is very wide. If none of the ready-made compositions for some reason attracts your attention, you can buy tulips by the piece and make your own bouquet of them.

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